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Owing to the current circumstances, remote working or work from home has been the norm in most organisations for over a year. For many years, remote working was something that employees strongly desired because of the freedom and flexibility it brings. However, this may not be the popular opinion anymore as the positives of remote working are slowly being overshadowed by its underlying problems.

With loaded work schedules and extremely limited interactions, employees are finding it difficult to maintain a proper work-life balance. More and more employees today prefer working from the office over remote environments and are hoping for offices to reopen soon.

Virtual events can be an ideal solution to this problem. Through virtual events, organisations can encourage their employees to be a part of several extracurricular activities pertaining. This can not only give employees a much-needed refreshing break from work but also provide them with a chance to develop communication, leadership, creative thinking, and many other important skills.

Significance of Digital ‘Non-work’ Experiences

With the work from home setting, employees are very likely to slip into a pattern of just work with hardly any breaks. Although liberating, a remote workspace can also make employees extremely lonely due to the fewer interactions and limited face-to-face conversations on a daily basis. Moreover, keeping teammates bonded and connected remotely is a huge challenge for organisations.

This has made it imperative for organisations to explore the option of virtual team building events for their employees. Such virtual activities can be a great way for employees to take their minds off work and have some fun in an otherwise hectic schedule. It also provides them with an opportunity to express themselves better and strengthen their bonds with their colleagues.

Types of Virtual Events for Remote Workforce

1. Interactive and Engaging Team-building Activities

The remote working environment can take a toll on the creativity as well as social skills of employees. Organisations thus, need to take their teams out of the normal work environment and indulge them in fun, non-work activities. This is helpful in improving team communication and encouraging collaboration. Such virtual events within an organisation can also be beneficial in boosting the creative problem-solving skills of employees.

Weekly informal virtual meetups and game sessions can be very refreshing for the employees. Online sessions for music or jamming, stand up comedy, poetry and storytelling could be great avenues for employees to showcase their talent to their peers. Other options like book clubs, movie clubs, etc can help employees sharing the same interests connect and interact with each other regularly. All these activities can help in strengthening company culture and drive better results for organisations.

2. Upskilling Sessions for Professional Development

Conducting upskilling sessions for employees is an effective way for employers to show that they care about the growth of their employees. Not only does it enhance the capabilities of employees and improves workforce productivity but also boosts employee satisfaction and retention rates. That is why, even in today’s remote working environment, organisations are bound to upgrade the skills of their workforce based on the latest industry trends and developments.

Along with upskilling, organisations can also conduct group discussions and speaker sessions to enhance the knowledge of their employees. With the work-from-home situation, employees are fulfilling all their responsibilities but failing to ensure their own professional growth. Hence, organisations should host events that are not only fun and enjoyable but also assist in propelling the career prospects of employees.

3. Acknowledging Top Performers With Award Ceremonies

Employees who feel valued and appreciated are likely to be more productive and dedicated. Awards can serve as an effective tool to motivate employees to continue putting 100% effort into each of their tasks. However, organising these award ceremonies at a physical location in today’s situation is not possible. Organisations can thus conduct virtual award ceremonies to communicate to the staff that the company acknowledges and appreciates their hard work.

These virtual awards can include awards for completing a specific number of years in the company as well as awards pertaining to excellent performances. Awards such as ‘Employee of the Month’ can also be announced by organising these virtual ceremonies. This can give employees a feeling that their work heavy workload is not going unnoticed. Moreover, by awarding the top performers, companies can also encourage the other employees to work hard and keep on improving their capabilities.

4. Fitness Classes to Foster Health and Well-being

With a remote working system and strict lockdown mandates all across the world, employees today are finding it difficult to be physically active. This physical inactivity can lead to numerous health issues and affect the well-being of employees. Hence, employers need to set up daily or weekly virtual fitness classes for employees so that they always stay fit, fresh and healthy.

Embedding health and well-being in the company culture can be beneficial in boosting the morale of employees and enhancing their experience. Companies can organise regular workout, aerobics, zumba, or even yoga classes for their employees. This can help employees to stay physically active and reduce their sedentary time significantly even amid their hectic work schedules.

Reasons to Count On Remote Events

Internal events are necessary to maintain a pleasant and cheerful environment within an organisation. They also act as good distractions that positively impact the productivity of employees, thereby aiding company growth. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of conducting virtual events for employees:

  • Improves Workforce Collaboration
  • Combats the Feeling of Isolation
  • Encourages Professional Growth
  • Boosts Creative Thinking Capabilities
  • Ensures Rise in Productivity
  • Increases Employee Retention

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