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We all know how stressful it is to organise and plan an event. That’s why it has been on the list of top 10 most stressful jobs in the world almost every year, for the last decade or so.

Statistics also reveal that event coordinators have a stress score that puts them almost neck to next with law enforcement officers and airline pilots.

So, what makes it stressful?

Event planning requires one to always be on their toes — planning, coordinating and executing events. Each phase is a challenge on its own.

The planning phase witnesses difficult demands from the client with limited budgets. Conceptualising an event within the given parameters and serving dreams on a silver platter is a tough job to do! Also scouting for appropriate spaces that befits our concepts and event requirements takes time.

Coordinating an event with the client and vendors also requires a lot of effort. Finally, the execution stage is a one take job. One must have planned all the exigencies and loop holes but what happens on the event day is totally not plannable.

Bringing in 2021

The New Year ushers in new hope. We have started looking at events in a new way. Virtual and Hybrid events are here to stay alongside traditional and in person events. We are not limited to space as we can reach and engage a larger audience and hence increase the expected ROI.

Technology can be a great tool to alleviate the basic stress factors which pile on during the event planning stage.

Make Technology your Friend!

Event planners have a lot of technology at their disposal, the best of which is a one-stop shop, SPALBA.

Spalba is a full-stack solution for planning events, from inception to execution. It Re-Invents the way events are Planned, Managed and Executed.

When you make the most of available technology, you give yourself and your team some much-needed space to concentrate on the tasks that need the “human” touch. By constantly evaluating which tasks are taking up most of your time and whether technology can benefit you there, you also cut down on your workload and give yourself some headspace.

Simplifying through Spalba!

  • Locating a venue isn’t time consuming, recce is. With modules like Space-As-A-Service and Vendor Marketplace, Spalba simplified your venue and vendor selection process by integrating event tech to simplify the process by suggesting apt venues and vendors that are tailored to your specific event.
  • For an event host, most time is spent on streamlining the management and planning processes and whatever time is left is spent on increasing the quality of the event. Spalba’s AI powered tools facilitate the event building process by automating the work flow and planning, allowing for more free time to work on the execution and experience of the event.
  • Budgeting is the most important and time-consuming aspect of the event building process. Spalba’s CLON3D tool allows you to recce the venues through immersive 4K VR from the comfort of your home, saving on a lot of time and money. The Spalba AI helps in minimising wasteful spending while allowing for maximised RoI from the event, ensuring higher success rate of your event.

In Conclusion

We all experienced some of the above stressful situations in our work life. As event professionals we have a duty to deliver great experiences to our attendees but also to preserve ourselves and take good care of us and our family.

Stress is ever-present and hard to get rid of completely. If not managed, stress can manifest in other ways throughout your body. From headaches to stomach problems, anxiety to anger, stress wreaks havoc on all parts of our life. Event planning is exhilarating, challenging, and exciting, but it’s also time-consuming, stressful and, at times, more than you bargained for. By creating some sort of work-life balance, you’ll be better in both aspects of your life.

Our stress deeply affects the way we perform, and even our attendees notice it.

Never put yourself second. Use tools smartly and break a big event into little chunks, it will make things easier.


Drop that phone

Make that email wait for a couple of hours

Go outside and take a walk

You’ll feel much better!