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Planning a virtual event? Hold that thought. Let me help you!

Do you have control on audience emotion?

Do you have control on audience questions?

Do you have prior information on the audience?

Do you have control on internet bandwidth, signal drops, lags?

Big question: You as a brand have a reputation at stake, don’t you?

My guess is you do, that’s why you are reading this.

Let’s delve into some of the above questions and see how big brands deal with such things.

With WFH being a new normal and events happening in virtual or hybrid for the near future, there are reports of incidents of indecency being reported every now and then. Whether profession or social, such instances hurt, and that too, seriously!

An outburst during a live event can become a wildfire that bulldozes years of efforts spent in creating a brand. To avoid such issues, pre-recorded sessions play an important role, and moderating questions help filtering out the unwanted elements.

An uninvited guest to your event could be sniffing a business opportunity or trade secret and an unexpected question in an event can turn out to be a spoilsport for the event and can ruin the reputation of your brand in just one event!

Again, pre-recorded session comes as a handy tool, wherein the moderator or speakers can sit at ease, while a brief or a curated version of Q&A can be aired live if required. With Spalba, we can extend this ability to any person connected from any where in the world, from any platform.

It all depends on how the virtual events are being conceptualized and executed, as the non-regulated and the free platforms cannot be controlled. As my friend says: During normal days, we cook meals all by ourselves but when it comes to large gatherings or hosting people, we call the best chef in town. Why? Because it’s a special occasion and we can’t take a chance.

Do you still use one of the free or non-controlled way of broadcasting content?

The next question that begs to be answered is that, is your next event a special occasion for you or are you happy cooking lentils on a free platform?

If not, there are special event chefs to understand your requirements.

At Spalba, we have over 75 years of collective experience for event planning and hosting, even for leaders from the technological sector who empowered each one of us to connect socially over digital platforms, and leaders who have answers for almost every question on the internet.

We understand the little nuances of event planning and event management, from curating a (not so)boring web call, to hosting a glam virtual event.

A couple of such secret ingredients for your next event:

- Chats can be public or private — They can even be moderated for a controlled environment, as, questions before a large gathering should not come as a surprise and in-turn affect the event outcome.

- Controlled Mics and Videography — To avoid any unwelcome remarks or gestures, our expert editors have full control over the vocal and visual dynamics of the event ensuring smooth flow and successful event execution.

Have you ever calculated the RoI for events?

If you answered yes, then you know that audience engagement and analysis is an important part of any event planning. Our analytical tools empower us to gauge audience interest, inclinations, and receptiveness. We can tell you who was sleeping while you were on the most important part of your pitch. It is also important to know who all downloaded what, allowing for better attendee understanding. This allows for a complete and in-depth analysis before, during and after an event and helps you better set and understand your RoI goals.

Despite all this, if you still want to host a live event for a non-regulated audience on a free platform, I wish you good luck. You will need it.

One “free” word of advice would be to take care of precautionary disclaimers for unexpected guests as they should be held responsible for the deeds and talks if it goes against the spirit of the event, brand, or even co-participants for that matter.

In the hope of seeing and serving you in the near future, it is our duty to keep you apprised of what good is happening around, so you can replicate to make your events better.

Be on the lookout for more information to help you curate better events.

Until next time, Happy event planning!!