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Hyundai Motor India has launched their compact SUV, the Venue N Line in Metaverse, on Roblox, offering a creative virtual experience before it launches in the market. To witness the launch, one can simply download the Roblox app via Play Store and be a part of the virtual launch experience.

Here’s a the teaser of the launch.

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boAT has hosted a K-pop Metaverse concert ‘FloAtverse’ concert on Loka, a gamified replica of the actual Connaught Place in a virtual world. Rashmika Mandanna was also a part of this concert. Users were given an opportunity to participate in several challenges to win massive discounts as well as a chance to fly to Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

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According to statistics from Dune Analytics, which was initially published by NFTGators, well-known brands including Nike, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Adidas, and Tiffany have generated a total of $260 million in sales from NFTs, as reported by Cointelegraph. Nike’s NFT releases have generated $185.3 million in revenue, and secondary market quantities are close to $1.3 billion, Cointelegraph noted.

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Apple announced that it is holding its next event Far out on Wednesday, September 7 inside the company's Apple Park campus. The event will start at 10:00 AM PT and will be attended in-person as well as live streamed on the company's website and YouTube.

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Many leading players in the automotive industry today are shifting away from conventional methods, and driving home an increasingly valid point: Experiential marketing is the way forward. Experience-based marketing tools for the customer are essential in giving them a first-hand sense of the brand and its offerings.

Incorporating mirrors and other reflective surfaces can bring a sleek, modern, and often surprising element to your event's decor. Here are some of the coolest uses of mirrors we've spotted at events.

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Bringing together over 33 galleries from four zones, with tightly curated sections, the Delhi Art Week second edition (August 24th-August 31st) will celebrate the creative spirit of the city as it straddles tightly knit avant-garde art that is born of rich perspectives and unique odysseys.

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