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Instagram is testing NFTs with selective creators, here’s what all you need to know.

NFTs (a.k.a Non-fungible tokens) are becoming a big part of the way creators make money on social media. Meta originally announced plans to create an Instagram NFT marketplace back in March of 2022.

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NASA partners with Epic Games to create a martian metaverse simulation-MarsXR.

NASA and Epic Games partner to challenge developers to create virtual reality experiences set on Mars for research and testing purposes.The test expects to populate a metaverse world called MarsXR.

Around the Industry

Google I/O 2022: The annual tech event by Google is here.

After the years of the widespread pandemic, this will be among the first events to kick off with limited seating, mostly for Google's employees. During the event, Google is expected to officially launch the next version of Android and a couple of new products.

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Government of India declares top sporting events as events of national importance.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has notified several sporting events as that of national importance under the Sports Broadcasting Signals (Mandatory Sharing with Prasar Bharati) Act. All Olympics Games, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games have been declared as events of national importance.

Dubai’s virtual assets regulatory authority (VARA) has launched a virtual headquarters in the metaverse.

VARA is launching VARA MetaHQ, a virtual office in sandbox—a blockchain-based 3D virtual open world. The virtual office will enable the regulator to have first-hand experience of the industry it was set up to regulate. Dubai is creating “a prototype Decentralized Regulator Model” that can be emulated by other regulators to ensure that “the dynamic virtual assets ctor to build economic resilience, accelerate social inclusion, and address environmental sustainability.”

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How an LED volume can upgrade your virtual event.

LED volumes are a huge upgrade from old-school “green-screen” technology, where the speaker must imagine the scene in which the action is happening, and the backdrop is inserted in post-production. Rather, the speaker stands in front on an LED wall (and sometimes on an LED floor) with all the background action occurring live on set. Everyone involved can see and react to the scene.

A logo war is what Meta’s metaverse dream is facing right now.

Amid the falling market stock value of Meta, a German migraine app company named M-sense Migräne claimed that Mark Zuckerberg copied their logo and that they were the true creators of the infamous ‘infinity logo’. Well, this is one of the many factors that are hindering Meta to advance its metaverse dream.

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Upcoming Events
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‘Namastey NFT’: Bengaluru to host India’s mega metaverse summit - 14 to 15 May, 2022.

‘NamasteyNFT' Bengaluru 2022 , to be held on from 14 to 15th May 2022 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre is a free-to-enter event, that is expected to host 300+ artists, and 20+ speakers like Vineet Vohra, Fikret Dilek Uyar, Jassi Oberai, Natalie Amrossi, Prasad Bhat, Vishwas Bhushan, and others, including well-known figures in the NFT industry.

Berlin Design week returns to the German capital - 12 to 22 May, 2022.

Following on from the 2021's New Traditions edition, the theme for the 2022 design week is Higher Purpose. Higher Purpose invites participants to consider how we might reshape our world in order to design a better and more sustainable future in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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