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5 amazing examples to use mirrors as an event decor.

Sony Electronics partnered with Tokyo-based artist Kaz Shirane in May 2017 to celebrate the launch of its AI1E Bravia OLED TV and create a unique audiovisual art installation. As the concept of the installation was to redefine the boundaries of light, sound and space, Shirane designed the site-specific tunnel with reflective geometric panels that projected light spectrums. Six televisions were provided by Sony for use during this display event.

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At the most recent edition of VidCon, which took place in Anaheim, Calif., in June, Meta’s Creator Lounge featured various immersive, 360-degree environments centered around content capture. Designed and produced by MKG, the space included an eye-catching entrance that promoted reels video capture with changing lights, an LED screen backdrop, and a mirrored floor.

Another amazing installation was done by Dior Beauty at New York Fashion Week, 2021. The custom-designed structure fabricated by Bednark Studio took inspiration from the Miss Dior bottle, emulating the shape with a bow atop along with a highly stylized interior that featured a floor-to-ceiling video wall, makeup and perfume experiences, custom bouquet-making and a flower field within an infinity mirror room.

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The after-party for the SAG Awards, held in Los Angeles in January 2018, featured a nightclub-inspired space with a “reflection” theme. Designer Tony Schubert of Event Eleven covered the space with reflective surfaces, while dramatic, colorful lighting created prisms throughout the space. Guests entered the after-party through a tunnel of mirrors, and photos from photos went viral on social media.

The American Ballet Theatre's most recent gala took place in October 2021 in New York. The seated gala featured a variety of eclectic textiles, plus tables arranged in a zig-zag format—an appropriate choice for the event's world premiere of Jessica Lang’s ZigZag. To add more visual interest, guests were seated beneath oversized mirrored globes.

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