Spalba Case Study - ORF CYFY 2021


ORF hosted its four days of flagship forum CYFY 2021 on tech-net and cyber security with Policymakers & technologists via Spalba

VIRTUAL EVENT | November 2021

About ORF CYFY 2021

CYFY 2021 is a flagship event and is organized by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF). CYFY 2021 gathered an international community of experts to identify technology norms, standards, and regulations, in a virtual setting. Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, India, Anurag Thakur delivered the inaugural address. (India’s objectives in ORF)

This conference is an important feature of India's technology, security and social policy landscape, bringing together thought leaders, innovators and strategists from around the world.

Policymakers & Technologists

Challenges and Solutions

A virtual approach that offers new opportunities

For CYFY 2021, showtime isn't confined to a single day. The flagship event takes place every year and runs for four days, mixing panel discussions, breakout sessions, plenaries, and interactive live formats.

The event brings together thought leaders, innovators and strategists from around the world.Each audience needed the right tools in order to fully engage with the event.

The CYFY’s virtual approach also presented the opportunity to extend the event’s reach. Recording and streamlining 30+ sessions with multiple speakers was a huge task with a tight schedule.

Finally, CYFY made full use of Spalba’s 100% customizable platform features, to encourage discussions and connections. The team even created themes for some of the networking sessions to highlight the discussions.

The Features and event planning tools ORF used for the success of CYFY 2021 virtual event

  • Customization: Spalba’s 100% customization of the platform allowed the team to create immersive virtual spaces and unique identity for the event.
  • Recording and Streaming: Spalba produced high quality content and quickly onboarded 100+ speakers for recording and replicating their agenda in a virtual environment.
  • Stages and Sessions: By running multiple stages and hosting numbers of virtual sessions, CYFY 2021 packed its virtual agenda with great content from speakers around the world.
  • Reporting and analytics: Spalba provided ORF with the tools to track and analyze attendee engagement across the event.
  • Interactivity and Networking: By providing multiple ways for attendees to engage with speakers and one another, ORF retained the community feel of the forum

By analyzing the engagement metrics like Session visits, poll participation, and chat contributions, the team could see that attendees remained engaged throughout the event’s four days run.

The virtual event attracted a broader audience and helped build bridges and drive connections among people who might not have met outside the event.

The entire event was broadcasted on YouTube and the event was seamless where all the attendees were engaged to the fullest.