Spalba Case Study - Google Maps Event

How Spalba bought alive Hyatt Regency for Google Maps, India Event

Google Street View has been in existence for the last 10+ years in many countries. Finally, it is launching in 5 metro cities of India with an immersive view of our local streets, iconic monuments and bustling shops and market places of our neighborhood.


Google Street View is all about a more immersive, intuitive map. The all new avatar of Maps with a new immersive view feature, you’ll be able to experience what a neighborhood, landmark, restaurant or popular venue is like — and even feel like you’re right there before you ever set foot inside. So whether you’re traveling somewhere new or scoping out hidden local gems, an immersive view will help you make the most informed decisions before you go.

Why should an event about immersiveness be designed and planned in the same old non-interactive way?

Spalba with it’s immersive tech and Design SaaS gave the event planning team the power to design, visualize and collaborate on Hyatt Regency’s fully immersive digital twin.

Here’s all what Spalba made simple and effective to design this event


  • The client wanted to add a real car as a part of the setup and fire out which car can get through the event venue door. With Spalba’s Measurement Tool it was as simple as taking real time measurement.
  • Multiple setup changes were made smoother as the team only had to upload the 3D setup without any re-rendering, that’s where the Spalba Design Tool helps the clients to visualize how the setup will look like in the actual event venue.
  • Remote team members on the client side felt lesser uncertainties as they were literally walking through every change
  • Production team could expedite the delivery with no onsite discrepancies during event planning

Promoting Sustainable Ways of Event Planning

  • No more rounds of multiple recess, the team could just use the platform to explore and measure every nook of the event venue when in doubt
  • No more building from scratch- the premade layouts, 3D venue helped the team to save time and manhours.

Immersive Designing and Visualization

  • Spalba’s design tool offers an VR walkthrough of the entire setup where the team could exactly walk into the setup and look around virtually
  • The perfect visualization saved time for everyone and helped in faster decision making

Real Time Collaboration and Immediate Action

  • The planning team and the client could daily navigate on each corner of the event venue virtually and discuss changes
  • Real time design alterations and quick virtual staging made closures smooth and clear.

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